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Social responsibility
Challenge AidGabbitas is immensely proud to be working with the hugely influential school building charity, Challenge Aid (formerly knows as Schoolchildren for Children).  A registered charity established in 2005, they help disadvantaged children who live in appalling conditions in the developing world. Since inception, they have worked with 1,300 schools and 220,000 pupils to raise more than £200,000 for a range of important projects, including Schools of Hope in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Schools of Hope provide a safe and structured study environment with additional benefits for its students of regular life skills lectures on topics such as substance abuse and HIV/AIDS awareness. After the study time there are also music and drama sessions, and at weekends there are also sports matches against other Schools of Hope. They are staffed by volunteers, many of whom are trained teachers, and each maintains close contact with a parents’ committee formed from within their community.


For more details, see their website, or contact challengeaid@gabbitas.co.uk.