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Prospects Services

Prospects Services LTD.The Prospects Group is a dynamic and enterprising organisation providing a wide range of education, employment and skills services in the UK and internationally.

At the heart of what we do is the drive to improve the life chances, skills and aspirations of everyone we support.

Each year we work with more than 500,000 young people and adults through our extensive range of high quality services.

The Prospects Group has an annual turnover in excess of £80 million and employs more than 1400 skilled and professional staff.

Our services include:

  • National Careers Service in the community, offering advice on learning and work as prime provider in London, South West and West Midlands. In addition Prospects is a partner in Careers Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Work Programme which helps longer-term unemployed people back to work, as prime contractor in the South West and leading subcontractor in London and Bristol
  • Ofsted Early Years Inspection Services across the Midlands and North of England
  • Education consultancy, academy and school improvement services through Prospects Improve
  • Youth Contract, targeted support for young people in the West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humber
  • An extensive range of education consultancy and school improvement services
  • Leading Parent Partnership Award - promoting engagement of families in schools

  • We are also widely recognised for expertise in event management, recruitment, community regeneration and educational resources. Gabbitas, one of the most trusted names in independent education is part of the Prospects Group.

    Website: www.prospects.co.uk