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UK Guardianship

  • Is your child coming to the UK to study?
  • Does the school require you to have a UK Guardian for your child?
  • Does your child need a Guardian Family to stay with during school holidays?
  • Are you looking for the best quality of care for your child while they are in the UK?
  • Do you want a professional service from the longest established Guardianship organisation in the UK that has historic connections with the British Royal Family?

Telephone: +44(0)2077340161

Email: guardian@gabbitas.co.uk

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With our Head Office based in Lower Regent Street, London, the Gabbitas Guardianship team act as Guardians to International students in schools across the whole of the UK - Britain, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Acting on parents behalf in caring and supporting students from around the World our services include:

  • Expert and professional 24/7 support from the Guardianship team
  • A guardian family allocated to your son/daughter to stay with during weekends and half term holidays as required. All families are carefully inspected and approved by Gabbitas and parents receive a detailed report of the family
  • Organisation of transport and travel arrangements as required
  • Liaising with the school regarding travel arrangements and academic progress
  • An annual visit to the school to see how your son/daughter is settling in/progressing
  • Attendance at one parents’ evening on parents behalf

At Gabbitas we understand what a huge decision it is to send your child to the UK to study. If you would like your child to experience staying in a boarding school and/or with an experienced Guardian family for a short period of time only to help with your decision, we offer 1 to 3 week Boarding School ‘Taster’ programmes and Guardian Family Homestays.

Gabbitas is also the chosen providers of Guardian Families for children supported by Embassy Educational attachés.

To contact us for advice on a guardian for your child click here.

To contact us about our other services click here.

To contact us about becoming a guardian/host family click here.



“Thank you very much for giving me many details information. The contact indication and procedure are very clear, I appreciate very much your patience and trust on your professional help, I am grateful to have you on direct contact as my daughter’s co-ordinator.”
Mrs Liu, 2014

“My family supported me fully. They attended the teachers meeting and wrote a very good report on my academics and life at school afterwards for my parents. Also they never forgot my birthday and always give me a delightful surprise in the form of cards or presents. Thank you Dave and Karen! I was always smiling and laughing whenever I was with them. They were great friends and even better hosts. I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough.”
Kai 2014

“Since my daughter began studying in the UK, our Gabbitas coordinator has always been there as a caring and knowledgeable professional to provide advice and on-the-ground help. For a parent like myself who is unfamiliar with the UK system and the UK youth culture and is living in a different time zone, this has proven to be of critical importance. Nothing is too much trouble, they are always happy to assist me.”
Mr Kishima 2015

“Dear Mrs Beverly and Mr Andrew,
I am Seigo, I and my wife really appreciate your great hospitality offered to our daughter during the recent home stay at your house. She very much enjoyed her stay as well as various events you kindly arranged for her. I am particularly pleased to hear that she was made a good friend of your daughter, and in fact, she mentioned to me that your daughter is a very nice and great girl many times. Also, I am hugely thankful that you took a swift action when our daughter had a breathing problem, as I heard from Gabbitas. This is a great comfort to us.

My daughter says she would love to see your family again. If we need to secure a place during future breaks or other occasions, we would hope to turn to you and Gabbitas, if you would not mind.

Again, thank you very much