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Become a guardian
Become a Gabbitas guardianBeing a guardian to an overseas student is a varied role offering numerous rewards (including financial) and opportunities. Many of our guardians have been working with us for ten years or more and continue to enjoy the benefits which guardianship brings to them and to their
families including:

  • the opportunity to provide guidance and share life experiences in the same way that parents would do with their own children
  • the opportunity to learn about another culture
  • the joy and excitement that a young person can bring to a household, as well as the company he or she provides
  • meeting other guardians, sharing experiences, attending events organised by Gabbitas and the student’s school and gaining a new circle of friends and contacts
  • the chance to participate in school events and activities

If you want to apply to become a guardian family, or want to request a brochure, please click here.