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Our tutors service
Our tutors service

We always act in your interests to secure the best available tutors. Our discreet and confidential service is very flexible and includes:

  • gathering information about your child/ren and discussing your requirements for a tutor
  • searching via our extensive database for Gabbitas tutors
  • designing and creating an advert
  • placing of adverts on the Gabbitas website, other job boards and our social media platforms
  • creation of specific job description, sorting of applications, and interview long-list candidates, face to face or via Skype
  • carrying out appropriate checks
  • presenting a shortlist of suitable candidates
  • advising you in the selection process if you feel this could be helpful
  • psychometric testing (optional)
  • writing of contract to be agreed by both the family and the tutor
  • contacting unsuccessful candidates on your behalf
  • visa support for the chosen candidate

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